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Sight / Hearing Empathy Permissions ☆ →
Marron is a type of unique witch that has empathy, but her personal empathy is defective. While normal witches can feel emotions with their empathy, Marron sees and hears emotions.
When seeing them, Marron sees waves coming off of people and can distinguish what they're feeling the intensity that they're feeling. She can also see ghosts and souls.
When hearing them, Marron can hear incomplete thoughts. She will usually just hear angry grumbles, whimpering, sobbing, or laughter that isn't really there, but extra strong emotions or a strong will allow her to hear choppy sentences and words.
She can also see or hear any emotional burden that people carry through lives, aka "the past you carry with you". However, this only applies to past feelings that a person isn't letting go of (for example, never moving on when a loved one dies or a relationship sours).

Permission will be for Marron to see and hear these things from others.

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This story takes place during Masume and Satou's title competition. The arc features many arc-only characters who do not appear in the rest of the Game of Fate story, as well as starring a handful of the main cast. It focuses around Marron Dystini (age 15) and features one of Kaibus Truheart and Holly Truheart's competition tasks.

Chapter One →
Khris transfers to a new school, starting a pretty cliche chapter. He introduces himself to class and is approached by the class president Milne. Milne shows him around the school and helps him settle into classes over the course of a week. He runs into the Paranormal club, who badger him to join, but turns them down. They insist that on the full moon that Friday a werewolf appears. Khris has every reason to believe this is bullshit. Club member Marron calmly states that not only is it true, but Khris will see for himself it is true.

Milne thinks this all sounds like fun. She asks Khris to join her on Friday as she checks it out and sees if the Paranormal Club actually finds anything. They go to the school that night, where Milne reveals that she is the supposed "Werewolf". She attacks Khris and is intercepted by Magical Girl Marron. Khris is bewildered by the whole incident. Marron tells him to forget about it or she'll have to forcefully silence him, then leaves.

Chapter Two →
School on Monday seems absolutely normal. Khris has spent the weekend doing as boys almost killed by werewolf classmates tend to do; stressing. In contrast to his worries, Milne is as kind to him as ever (if not a bit more sheepish and easily flustered) and the Paranormal Club is sulking over their failure to get any data. He tries to talk to Marron about what happened, but she calmly shuts down the conversations and insists that he just go about his day.

Milne and Khris have lunch together again that day. Milne compliments how calm he is after what she did to him, confirming his suspicion that he wasn't dreaming it up. He accidentally admits that he was only able to be calm around her because he thought it wasn't real and that now he's nervous. Milne just laughs this off, finding it reassuring that he isn't a total saint, and proceeds to explain magic and witches to him.

She's a witch who cannot produce her own magic, so has to collect it from others. The werewolf story is something the Paranormal Club assumed because she only appears on nights of the full moon, when she draws magic from the moon to transform and harvest more. She wanted Khris' magic, but has failed to obtain it. Milne also explains how Marron stopped her because she's a member of the MASQ, and the MASQ dislikes Milne's bloodline.

Chapter Three →
At the end of chapter two, Khris joined the Paranormal Investigation Club to learn more about magic with Milne. This chapter is primarily hijinks. Khris and Milne are a bit cautious of Marron at first. Khris realizes that Marron is a shy person who wants friends, so offers to be her friend at the end of the chapter while the club is doing a graveyard investigation. She accepts the offer, just as the club members are attacked by one (1) mysterious person Kari.

Chapter Four →
Kari is targeting the magic users, who she perceives as threats to the Goddess of the town. Both Milne and Khris are rather useless at this point, forcing Marron to confront the mysterious magical girl and scare her off. As Marron finishes the fight she is contacted by Vinita and makes a report, then tells Khris and Milne to help her get the other club members to leave this area alone. Milne and Khris are reluctant, but they do decide to distract the club members.

Chapter Five →
Time passes. Milne and Khris are intensely curious about Kari, but Marron is once again shutting down any attempts that they make to get involved. So the two of them begin researching the "Goddess" that Kari mentioned and practicing their magic. They begin learning about a legend in the town regarding the "Witch of the Land" (who is also called The Goddess) who made the land fit for settlement centuries ago.

Milne only knows the basics, but she is able to explain them to Khris and begins schooling him. They decide they want to help Marron, but they need to prove themselves competent first.

Chapter Six →
Milne and Khris have been having fun with their magic schooling. They finally have enough information to confront Marron about Kari again, but she continues to deny their interest. The club members want to keep investigating the mysterious events of that evening, but Marron tells them it is a bad idea. But Milne and Khris feel they can handle anything that comes their way. The club sneaks off without Marron to investigate "The Witch's Grave" again. Naturally, they are attacked by Kari again and Marron is forced to step in. She scolds Milne and Khris for being reckless and careless, just as Vinita makes an appearance to arrest Kari properly.

Chapter Seven →
Vinita and Marron successfully capture Kari for questioning. Milne and Khris actually end up being somewhat helpful, mostly because they are willing to take orders from Vinita. Vinny backs up Marron's scolding, but also adds that she is particularly upset that they weren't safely practicing magic with a real teacher. She gives them magic devices and asks Marron to keep an eye on them.

While Kari is being questioned Marron is charged with training the two. They finally begin developing more competent powers.

Chapter Eight →

Chapter Nine →

Chapter Ten →

Chapter Eleven →

Chapter Twelve →
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Fate's Game is a spin-off of Game of Fate, cleverly named and possibly being renamed in the future, that revolves around Marron Dystini's side of the story through the eyes of protagonist Chris Blanchard. It starts around the time that Masume Sakura and Satou Kuroneko are beginning the Title Competition and ends in time with the conclusion of said competition. This makes Marron 15 going on 16 years old. When it ends, Marron goes off to continue monitoring the sisters and Chris begins private training. The two reunite later in the series, in Masume's arc. }

Chapter Concepts }
→ 01 { Chris transfers to his new school. He is introduced to the Paranormal Investigation team, but doesn't join up immediately. Instead, he tries a few other clubs. Marron makes predictions throughout the day, catching his interest.  Gossip about a ghost is going around school, but Chris is skeptical. At the end of the day, he stays after school to help the clubs clean up and sees the ghost.
→ 02 { 
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